Eyes Of The Soul

Zelda T. Partee




At five years of age, Terri Parker was no longer a stranger to abuse. She and her sister endured their daily dose of mental, emotional and physical abuse. The metaphor that “God takes care of fools and babies”plays host throughout the journey in this dramatic true story. Abuse is a triple-edged sword often weakening, strengthening, or rendering people as “damaged goods,” depending on the frailty of the mind and spirit. The saving grace is, however, that the mind and spirit possess secrets of their own.


In Eyes of the Soul, follow Terri’s journey as she yearns to be ‘loved’ only to find herself sucked into the embodiment of hatred, deceit, depression and self destruction throughout her childhood and into her adult life. This story will cause you to question the frailty of the human spirit—just how much can the human spirit endure? The manifestations of depression, low self-esteem, fear, and anger will drive your senses to be jilted and mesmerized by spirits of suicide, witchcraft, demonic possession, and, ultimately, spiritual and holistic deliverance.


Life can be great, and life can be hell. Somewhere between the first and last page of Eyes of the Soul, the author’s message to the reader is this: “hell has no power over your life when you call upon the omnipotent God, our Heavenly Father. May you be eternally blessed and kept in his favor.”